WELCOME to our blog!

Since 1983, KingsBridge has helped hundreds of organizations requiring disaster recovery and business continuity planning. With a unique combination of industry knowledge, cost-effective DR/BC solutions and industry awards, KingsBridge is the perfect planning solution for your organization!

We are using the blog as an indication of what makes KingsBridge tick.  We are a perfect balance of working hard and playing hard!  If you want to learn more about BC/DR, check out the “knowledge” section above.  We try to keep it up to date with the latest Business Continuity information.  If you are looking to see the lighter side of KingsBridge, check out the “KingsBridge Train” section!  We aren’t on Facebook, so we post all of our work related fun here for you to scroll through the learn more about KingsBridge.

To learn more about what we offer, keep reading or click on the “about” button above.  KingsBridge offers a range of products and solutions to address your organization’s specific needs and to get your plan created quickly so that you can begin protecting your company’s assets today:

  • Shield, our easy-to-use planning software, creates a tailored DR/BC plan that can be printed and/or saved and updated. Check out the free trial here!
  • Training seminars on creating effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans and maintaining your plan;
  • Consulting and turn-key solutions to guide your company step-by-step through the process of creating, maintaining and updating your DR/BC plan.

KingsBridge is headquartered in Ogdensburg NY, with offices in Ottawa Ontario. Please contact us to review your specific planning requirements. We would be happy to recommend the mix of products and services that can best meet your needs.

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